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North Metro Chiropractic Center

Dr. Robert Meyer

Proudly serving the communities of Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, and Broomfield for 29 years!

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When you’re in pain and can’t wait to feel better, we’re here to help…

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At North Metro Chiropractic Center, we know that over 80% of the new patients that contact us are currently in pain. We understand that you are in pain NOW, and want to do something about it NOW, not sometime next week. With that in mind, we always strive to get you in the very same day as soon as possible, to get your first treatment and start you on the road to feeling better. If you have been injured, we will work to correct the structural problems that are causing your symptoms, and get you back to a pre-injury condition, so that no permanent degenerative changes take place down the road.

Beyond “feeling better,” after you have improved, we will coach you on how to maintain your newly achieved level of health.

Twenty-nine years in practice, Dr. Meyer has treated almost everything imaginable. So, whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, pain radiating down the leg or arm, or auto accident injuries, call or email us today to get started. If you are experiencing something that you don’t know if chiropractic can help, call or email us and we will give you an honest assessment as to whether we think we can help you or not.


 Robert Meyer's Practice has been awarded as a top Chiropractic practice with some of Thorton's best Chiropractors. Verified by Opencare.com


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